Friday, June 09, 2006

Pricing Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks range in price between $5 to $15 depending on brand name, style, and material used. The average price you can expect to spend on a pair of diabetic socks is $7. Not a bad deal considering the level of comfort a person with diabetes can expect to get from wearing a quality diabetic sock.

Some of the more popular brands of diabetic socks on the market are Smartknit (by Knit-Rite), Silipos Arthritic, Comfort System, Care Sox, Therasock, Medicool, Footsmart, and of course Jobst Sensifoot.

Each one of these manufacturers of diabetic socks sell their socks for the average $7 per pair, as shown above, so finding comfort should not have to be a financial drain whatsoever. Many of the brands listed above make socks that last the wear and tear test with ease, including multiple washing and drying cycles.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Comfortable Socks For Diabetics

People who have a diabetic condition can experience problems with their feet in the form of sensitivity. Diabetic socks are quite simply socks that reduce discomfort by the way of their design. Diabetic socks are designed in such a way as to not cause tightness in the ankles and feet, or irritation to the skin from coarse seams and material type.

The reason diabetics can possibly suffer from discomfort in their feet and ankles is due to poor blood circulation brought on by high blood sugar counts. Diabetics can also suffer from damaged nerves, which a greater concern than weakened blood circulation, as a diabetic can actually lose feeling in their lower extremities, and in the worst case scenario, develop infection leading to surgical amputation. In the quest for diabetic socks we are concerned so much with the latter - we are just providing a way for diabetics to re-gain comfort in their day to day lives.

There are are some routine habits diabetics can carry out to aleveate some of their discomfort in their feet. Try using creams and moisturizers, get checkups with your doctor periodically, keep your feet clean and free of dirt or grime, purchase diabetic socks and footwear, and be vigilant when reporting any possible sores or infections in your feet to your doctor.